Have you ever been listening to someone recapping their journey or life’s story and found yourself thinking ‘This is just too good to be true?’ Well, brace yourself, I‘m about to share one such story with you, and believe me, it‘s absolutely true, every single word.

              Our theme for 2016 was “From Great to Greater” because the former angel of this house, Bishop Malon Pollock, had a dream that burned within him of something greater. He wanted greater for us younger ones then, and for the generation to come after us. That was the kind of man and Pastor Bishop Pollock was. He loved his flock immensely, and he always wanted the best for them, and this sanctuary is living proof of that. He was a remarkable, humble, relatable man of God. He could just as easily talk with an 11 and 12-year-old, as he could with the 50, 60, and/or 70 years old. He made each of them feel equally important. Here’s a little snippet of the man we called the “master builder.”

In the year 2000, Bishop Pollock’s dream became a reality, and we moved from great to greater. With then, Elder Jackson, steadying his hand, our beloved Bishop Pollock was able to cut the ribbon to our new sanctuary. His dream complete, Bishop Pollock went home to be with the Lord later that year. In 2007, God started Bishop Jackson on a journey towards realizing his own dream for the Emmanuel Family, a family life center. Bishop Morris sent a gentleman to his house with one question in tow—“Are you interested in being a part of an organization for the educational growth of your community?” To which Bishop Jackson replied a very definite yes! And thus the journey began. Be reminded now, Bishop Jackson wasn’t out looking for a mission, no, this great adventure came knocking at his door, seeking him out. The gentleman showed Bishop Jackson all the necessary materials—he, or rather his organization had the credentials, plenty of finances, and organized access to grants. They arranged for Bishop Jackson to attend an intensive training session for three days in Massachusetts which empowered him to move forward with this new dream. Through a turn of heat-wrenching events and a significant loss on the first investment, the dream was delayed but not denied.

The writer Robin Sharma says that change or a journey to change is “hard in the beginning, messy in the   middle and glorious at the end.” We survived the hard beginning; triumphed over the messy middle, and now we stand ready to embrace the glorious ending!

The most important thing we want you all to know as we share the glorious ending to our story is that BISHOP JACKSON IS NOT LEADING THIS CHURCH, GOD IS! Everything that’s happen to this point is God-orchestrated. Just to solidify this in your minds, let’s take a look at the numbers. We all know that God’s number for completion is 7, right? Ok, let’s add it up. The year 2000, we moved to this new sanctuary. In 2007, God started Bishop Jackson on a new journey towards a family life center/charter school. In 2014 that journey having ended, God instructed Bishop Jackson in a new financial plan that would allow this relatively small congregation of people to pay off a $350,000 mortgage in three years. Seemed impossible! Sounded impossible, but in October 2016, WE PAID OFF THIS CHURCH! Not in three years, but in 2 years and nine months! So let’s see 2000 to 2007 is how many years? Seven! 2007 to 2014 is how many years? Seven! In 2009 we lost our $50,000 down payment, and in October 2016 we paid off this church and are DEBT-FREE! Can somebody tell me how many years is that from 2009 to 2016? Seven! You see, what we saw as a down payment on a building was actually a down payment on a miracle! In the near future, we will have the family life center that we want, and it will be totally paid off, instead of still being paid on! So yes we’re on a journey from great to greater, and it’s all because God is leading us and it is “marvelous in our eyes!”

-Sister P. Chavis